Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweetness from Above

Yesterday, I was walking along Dundas toward Jarvis, I noticed a white object in front of a red backdrop suspended in air.  At first I thought it was a spider that made its web over the middle of the road but there was nothing to attach the thread to.  It was too high in the sky.  I continued to walk along the street with my eyes gazing at the sky.  I almost bumped into two different people watching the object very slowly descend from above.  At one point, I thought I lost sight of it as it blended in with the white clouds.  I slowed my pace until I connected with it again.  Once I did I stood still and waited for it to come closer.  There it was, a small white down feather, floating toward me.  I reached out cupping my hand and this soft sweet gift from above landed in my palm.  I closed my hand I held it close to my lips and smiled.  I felt like I was kissed with golden love. I was pleased that I followed my curiosity as sweetness came to me in a gentle way.  I tucked it into my pocket and strolled down the street.  Unfortunately, throughout the day I did lose it BUT the moment was very precious for me, Such sweet blessings as I allow myself to be.