Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Humming of the train,
a little sound rising from the base.


Waiting for the movement to start again,
this is the pulse of life.

Little  breaks to silence
to notice what is around the world.


Simple feeling of joy,
and acceptance.

Truth, expression of beauty
and sharing the way of inner peace.

Sensing the Environment

The scent of fertile earth,
wanting to plant seeds for a beautiful garden.
A garden of my spiritual world.

The texture of ground,
gives way to the turning and sowing of my soul.
Events where I can expand.

The sight of moist soil,
knowing the environment is ripe for change.
And bathing in the sun.

The sound of wind blowing
gently asking me to move and sway.
The life of my party today.

The taste of nut like air,
reminding me of the crunchy walnuts
and stories of old holy lands.

The emotions of noble consciousness,
awakens joy and pain equally 
from inner and outer realms.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Experience of Touch

Our skin is our largest organ, well, that’s what I was told.  It helps us interact and experience our environment.  Why wouldn’t we welcome touch?  I’m no expert on physiology or psychology but I know that touch is essential for my development.  I feel things with my skin be it on my leg, belly, lips or fingertips each area sends messages to my heart, mind, and spirit. 

I love sitting in the grass and feeling the green blades against my legs.  They are delicate and gentle even as my weight presses down upon them.  The blades move ever so softly with the wind and caresses my skin.  I enjoy combing the grass with my hands and sensing the different levels that peek out between my fingers.  Sometimes, ants roam across me like a bridge to the other side.  If I stay still, they come and go without any distress and those experiences are captured with my skin.

I have a cat that is a soft, fluffy, and a dark black-brown beauty.  Holding her is a treat.  Her calm and mellow being has a major affect on me.  Through her coat, I trace her bone structure with my hands.  She then decides to bury her head into my neck and up to my lips for kisses, such a sensory delight.  These moments of interacting with her are precious.

As a child, I loved when my parents would stroke my hair.  Each time my curls would spring back as they lifted their hand to start again.  My scalp would sing like a wind chime ringed.  I would settled in and fall asleep.  No wonder why my children loved it too.
Imagine a hug, surely a simple thing, isn’t it?  BUT, embracing someone fully is ... unexplainable at times.  When I wrapped my arms around my children, the sensation of my heart becomes engaged.  Even though they are larger than me and my head rests on their shoulders a feeling of peace arise.  We are all blessed with this type of joy.