Friday, September 13, 2013


I love bubbles.  Yes it's true.  Blowing bubbles changes my mood completely.  I become full of joy when I pull out the soapy stick.  The bubbles just waiting to float through the air.  Magical little images moving through them.

Recently, I was at a sound healing retreat held by Michael Moon. (I was lucky because a friend send me.)  One crisp and cool morning, I rose with a cup of tea in one hand and a bottle of soapy water.  There was dew on the grass and my runners were slightly damp from the moisture.  I was alone and ready to play with bubbles.  Out came the magic maker and I blew, blew and blew.  The bubbles released in a loose chain like manner in varies sized.  I always giggle when I see them rise up and float upon the wind.  Some bubbles had hints of blues and purples while others had orange or pink hues. There was something different that morning, for these bubbles decided to land in the grass and hang out for a while.

The dew on the ground was an inviting place for the bubbles to glisten and rest.   I couldn't believe that they stayed there for so long.  I bounced around admiring them and tried to create more. It was a field for my bubbly pleasure.   I stared and sang to them and after 5 or 10 minutes the thought occured to me, "Take some pictures."  All I had was my cellphone.   I wasn't sure if the bubbles would last if I went to get my digital camera from the cabin.  So, I took a few quick shots. 

It was surprising how some of them came out.