Thursday, March 31, 2016

Being Creative

I find that my art is an extension of my emotions. Mainly my creativity comes out of "know" where. Snort... I meant to write nowhere but really it is about a knowing. It's a knowing that I have emotions to express in all their various colours and flavours. I believe that everyone has access to their personal knowing using their five senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch) and their sixth sense or intuitive self.  The inner knowing of all that is within and around us. 

At times, I suppressed my creativity because it feels too intense.  I have tried to hide my own creative spark which only causing me to become more stressed or sad. It even effects my physical body. Yet once I break free from denying my need to create everything flows easier and more fluidly. 

Here are some examples over the years of how I use my inner creative knowing to express myself.
On December 30, 2015: I pulled out the pencil crayons and thought I was going to make a picture of a flower. I did create a flower but I also created a sense of calm and relaxation. This picture is very dreamy and the lizard on the right side is making its way to the shade of the flower.  There is no need to rush as I explore the gentleness of my own inner journey.

On December 29, 2015: I was waiting for a bus which was taking a long time to arrived.  I noticed how people were complaining that they were waiting for over a hour.  I did not want to get involved with the complaining.  I decided to sing and gently sway to my own sound.  I noticed on the ground an "U" shaped twig and a spark of inspiration came to me.   I bend down and looked for other items that were close by.  All the surrounding sounds dissolved as I continued to sing. I created "Old Man Winter" winking at me. This image was about relaxing because everything is fine.  Really fine.  Once I took a picture, the bus arrived. How sweet is that?  I noticed that a few people walked over to see what I created.  Snort!  It's all good.

On November 30, 2015:  My partner, Tom, took me to the Paint Lounge for special date.  I had no idea what I wanted to paint.  I don't paint often yet I was excited to see what would come up.  I was enjoying myself dancing and laughing with him.  This is what I created. It looks like a happy dancing being!  Snort!

On August, 24, 2015: I could not go out until I did a piece of art.  My creative side needed to be expressed. I was unsure what I was going to do. Once I saw my silhouette on the paper, I drew a line to show it. Then a number of colours came out around it. There are many things I did not see with my bare eyes. Many levels of light and colour that wish to dance around me. What am I not seeing in my life? Am I recognizing all the blessings around me? If not, it is time for me to be grateful and acknowledge them.

Behind the Silhouette

On October 7, 2015, I had a vision of a bird catching a large fish. I couldn't let the image go so I had to draw it with the best of my ability. I was surprised about this one especially since I've watched the salmon run over that past few weeks. I've been cheering on the fish to make it over the waterfalls. When I had this vision, I realized that, "yes, the salmon will make it." Also that there are many opportunities for all to receive the blessings of the salmon run.  

Golden Promise

On January 12, 2015: The night after my mother's death. This image came to me and I could not sleep until I drew it. There is no title at this time. As I was drawing it I felt empowered and open to receiving new information. After drawing this I slept deeply.

On September 16, 2013: I started to doodle in my journal.  I found that once again, I was suppressing my need to create.  I created this image of inner knowing and peace. 

Along with this picture I wrote:

Whisper to me the love that you share. 
Voice of God is in the air.
Love between us. Love above us. Love within us. Love is love.
The time has come to be true. 
See the love: this is within you.
Wake and share your voice.
Wake and speak of choice.
We are love. Love is us.
Many voices all are us. 
Speak of truth.
Speak of peace. 
Speak of love that’s within you.
Love is love. 
You are us.
Pray for peace from the stars above. 
Love is love true and real.
Love is you. 
Love is us.
Hear the chorus filled with heart. 
It’s your choice to come to us. 
Be your truth. 
Be your love. 
Heart to heart we love you.
Love is love. 
Be that love. 
Open up to our love.

After viewing these examples that I've shared with you, do you recognize when you suppress your creativity?  If so, please share your insights with me. 

Much love!