Friday, October 6, 2017

Movement of Breath, Body and Boxes

I got you. Yes boxes. I'm finding that moving boxes takes breath and body. I don't have powers to move things with my mind yet. Actually, I do. I think about moving it and then I pick it up. There I go, mind over matter. It works.

As you can see, I'm in a playful mood of flipping around words to fit my needs.

These past few weeks were about movement of my breath, my body and yes boxes that belonged to work, friends, and some of my own. I find that the simplest of things like moving boxes up, to the right or left and then down has basic importance such as making decisions of where will it go. Once again it connects to the breath, the body and an object that is outside of me.

There is an unspoken commentary that I go through without realizing that I have done so. Examples: Can I lift this by myself? We got this. Should this box go first? Can this support the weight of the next box? I can do this. Where are the walls? Is there anything that I could trip over? Is there another way? Am I willing to readjust the arrangements after I place it down? There are quick answers that occur when I am moving boxes. Some answers come at the same time. Multiple answers for sure. It's amazing how quickly I can seemly make simple decisions.  

No matter if the box is big or small most of these questions and comments come up again unspoken. With each movement it includes my breath, my body and the box.

There's a Triple B. BBB.

I would like to change the word “Box” to bold or beautiful.

Breath, Body, and Bold. Breath, Body and Beautiful. Actually it is Being.

Breath, Body and Being. There I go. Being fits the most. The Triple B of my moving of boxes experience. Breath, Body and Being. Snort.

Gosh... I like how that happened.

I can apply this to other areas of my life too such as cooking, dancing, grocery shopping, writing, communicating, working, organizing, and well just about anything.

I will admit though while moving boxes I have a few bruises but it’s done.  Next experience! Triple B in action.