Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Does Your Dreams Mean To You?

We all dream but we don’t always remember.  Our subconscious can create amazing images for us to ponder for hours and hours.  So, what do you do if you had a dream that you remember when you wake?  WRITE it down.  There is a story, yes; the images “just don’t make sense.” But that’s the wondrous way of our human mind; I swear we would not listen to a dream that was straight forward. If my dreams told me to do the dishes before bed because tomorrow is going to be BUSY.  I would be bored in your dream life.  I love challenges, puzzles, hidden messages, and clues.  I want to think about everything and be the detective, so why would my dreams be completely clear messages.  Dreaming is a time to play, right? So, I want to play and that’s what happens for me.  I dreams are often full of colour and peaceful images and others are what you call “nightmares.”  I want to share this one glorious dream.  I label it this way now but at first it was very disturbing.  Here I go.
It was a beautiful sunny day; I was wearing a comfortable pair of shorts and a green t-shirt.   I was walking along a street where they were large leafy trees, lovely flower beds, and two story houses that were car lengths apart.  I was singing a tune and enjoying the stroll along the paved sidewalk.  I didn’t notice the rabbits in the trees.  What rabbits in trees?  I had to stop and look.  There were rabbits in the trees with LONG tails?   These were no ordinary rabbits - they had the long ears and their feet were able to walk on the branches of the trees and their tails were as long as squirrel’s tails.  They were squirrelly rabbits. 
These squirrelly rabbits were scurrying back and forth between the trees and they ran along the wires over the houses.  I shook my head and carried on walking down the street.  That was different for sure but I want to continue on my quiet way.  Yet, I was singing so it wasn’t that quiet.  Some of these squirrelly rabbits decided to jump in front of my path, while others would continue to scurry back and forth on the wires between the houses. 
Okay, they wanted me to pay attention to them.  Alice in wonderland, images... but squirrelly rabbits?  As I followed these long tailed rabbits, I noticed that some would run so far ahead of the group that I couldn’t even see them anymore.  There were others that were behind me but I had to keep up with the pack.  The street also changes as we more forth.  The trees grew bigger the leaves were higher, and the houses grew in size.  The houses started with two stories, and then grew to three and next four. 
I began to run with the squirrelly rabbits and the scenery became more and more lavishing, expansive and elegant.   I could see that some long-tails were too tired to keep up and others were continuing to scamper on.   I started to leap and jump along the road and spin freely moving as if I was a squirrelly rabbit.
The houses turned into large buildings and I could no longer see them from the street level.  I started to fly, and was able to see these little creatures from a bird’s eye view. What a sight.  The buildings were not very intimidating as they seems.  A few long-tailed rabbits were moving effortlessly as if they were dancing.
All of a sudden the scene changed, the street no longer had paved roads there were only two buildings left in front of my magical group of creatures and the wires stopped in the middle of the air.  What are we to do? 
At the last building on the street, they were workers on ladders and my squirrelly rabbit friends were trying to get down to the street level.  The workers were not impressed by these intruders.  Some squirrelly rabbits jumped down and hurried off in to a meeting place.  Others carefully ran back to the previous building and worked their way over to the group that was already settled.   One squirrelly rabbit was very determined to face an angry worker and tried run past him.  As I watched helplessly above the scene, the man pushed it off the ladder and the small creature tumbled to its death.  My heart complete dropped into my stomach.  OH NO!!! WHY???? 
I watched the other squirrelly rabbits that made it down just as they past the dead one.  They didn’t even blow it kisses or stop to say goodbye.  I didn’t know what to do.  I focused on the dead long-tailed rabbit.  I said my goodbyes.  I couldn’t sit there for too long because the others were bouncing and joyfully asking me to join them.   HEY, we are still here!!!  We are still here!!!
That was my dream. I woke up with great sadness and also great hope.  I didn’t know what to do with those images.  I wrote it in my journal and I told my closest friends where we discussed it over and over.  I have the best buddies in my circle of friends.
What this dream meant to me is I have such a creativity mind.  I have ideas that are moving so fast and growing but I don’t focus on any one in particular.   All ideas have a spark but they will not make it to the reality that I hope to create.  I should not cry over a dead project because there are more waiting to be completed.  Some projects have to be started over but they can continue after looking at things from a new perspective.   I will always create and I can have a break every now and then.  I don’t have to be running a mental marathon every minute of my life.  I can stop, revaluate my plans and still become victorious!
Writing out your dream life will help you see your reality.  What do your dreams mean to you?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Become Animated!

It was last winter, I had the urge to throw myself into a snow bank and flare my arms and legs.  I looked around to see if anyone was watching.  I’m a 36 years old woman, and I felt like I was stealing something that I wasn’t allowed to have.  It was ridiculous, “why couldn’t I make a snow angel?”  It’s not a crime!  Yet, I waited until people were not looking.  I jumped into the snow, wiggling and giggling then bolted out of there, so no one could see me.  Of course, I first marvelled at my creation!  It was such a rush, making a snow angel.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was.  No one would know.  Only the foot steps to my apartment could give me away but who was tracking my actions, really?

Since that time, I’ve come out of my comfort zone.  I step out of my house to sing and dance in a park, at the beach and even on the streets.  As I dance I sing from a place where I feel free.  I can feel music coming from deep within my spirit, a calling to move and allow energy to flow in and out of my body.  It’s electrifying.  I have moments of complete release where emotions come up and I fly as I wave my arms and spin.  I express myself with delicate movements.  It’s not a secret anymore, as I move to the sound of my heart. 
When I dance, I feel a sense of love from the earth and universe.  I sense a presence of pixies and fairies as they tickling my skin, the sky seems to be clearer and I’m floating.  Letting go and sharing a moment with nature, coming from a place of unbridled love.  
I feel a pull to go out and move.  It’s joy bursting out of my being.  It’s an open exchange of giving and taking from the world.  I’ve hidden my spirit for years, this seeking part of me that wants to experience life without the judgment from others, but mainly from myself.
Do I dance and sing for people to watch? No.  I do this because I am a being of light and love.  I emotionally, physically and mentally want to share my spirit with the world.  The earth will always replenish your spirit.  I realized that each of us can work with the elements of earth, air, fire and water. These beautiful elements, which we are actually made of, can clear our auras and heal us to our core. 
I use dance movements to connect with them.  I’ve always felt a loving pull by nature; I didn’t realize how it truly affected my being.  I couldn’t imagine that everything I need is just waiting for me to see it.  To say with confidence, “I deserve to receive from the abundant universe, all my needs.”  This is extremely empowering. 
That abundance comes in many forms, one is people.  When I share my joy and what inspires me to others, they open up.  They give a part of the spirit that at times, I believe they’ve hidden from themselves.  I get to witness how they come animated.  They stand up straighter, they speak with more confidence, and they actually laugh.  
How can I stop dancing in public when that is my true joy?  How can I worry about what others really think of me? 
I always want to be animated.