Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On My Mind and In My Mouth

You're on my mind and in my mouth.
Running through my dreams
and the passing visions as I sit.
I speak of YOU to everyone,
smiling and shining.

Beaming from the thought
that you are so close.
Only a short distance away.
Each hour passes quickly
and I know I will be near you.

I replay your smile and laughter.
The way you touch your face
when you have something difficult to say.
Stroking your hair back with your right hand
and looking up to the sky.

Your expressive groan of a full belly
after a good meal startling pedestrians.
The subtle pull of my jacket
as you ask me to be practical
with my time and schedule.

Drinking tea, listening to your poetry
full of depth and anger of your past.
Hearing the strength in your voice
knowing you had enough.
You are going forward,
journeying with your aching heart.
Reaching out to the shadows
to cast them away completely.

These are the things
on my mind and in my mouth.

I see your eyes,
deep brown, warm and tender.
I sense trust without any questions.
The stories of the past
released by your kisses.
I feel your kisses
soft pink, wet and strong.
I know love without any questions.

Who are we?  Are we real?
The keys under my fingers
lightly pressed and moving smoothly.
Letters strolling across my screen,
Words forming and creating sentences.
The world is silent and the night sky
is blocked by the light of my computer.
I can not stop this.
This writing to you.

Wanting to place my lips
upon your ears.
Whispering softly to you. 
Taking in your scent.
Feeling your heart beat
against my naked breasts.

Is this real? 
The feeling of closeness
yet me being here
and you there.

Can you feel me in your bed
as you sleep, as I feel you?

on my mind and in my mouth.

(This was writing years ago to a former partner.  We separated and I was still holding on.  I'm posting it now because it was a major healing and transformative time for me.  I had difficulties expressing my feelings and connection to this person.  We all go through changes in our relationships.  Some of my poetry and songs came from this time in my life.  Thanks for reading.)

Even With the Distance Roads

Walking along a moonlight beam

looking for your arms to hold me.

Dreaming on a shooting star

even now, you're not so far.


Baby, you've made my day

saying you'll might stay.

Taking life as it comes

knowing we are still one


Even with the distance roads

my love for you continues to grow.

Baby, you're not by my side

but, I'll take this ride.


Love you now and tomorrow,

letting go of all my sorrows.

Loving you, how can I go wrong?

Knowing we are still strong.


Even with the distance roads

my love for you continues to grow

Baby, you're not by my side

but, I'll take this ride.