Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tree Dances

Energy created after singing and dancing
around a tree. (January 21, 2016)
A tree dance is a form of gratitude and reverence performed by dancing and singing to a tree or trees. I set an intention to connect lovingly with the tree(s). I bow and ask the tree if I can sing a song and dance for it. Sometimes I hear, "yes",  in that case, I start to sing and dance.

Sometimes I hear, "no". Truly, it can be.  When the answer is no, I ask, "what can I do for you?" Some trees and nature spirits want people to clean up the garbage in the area.  It only takes a few minutes and it helps all beings: trees, animals, insects, water, earth, air and even humans.  So I will totally cleanup the area.  Other trees do not want to have anything to do with people and the answer is "do not bother me."  When I hear that type of answer, I immediately say, "thank you for answering" and walk away.  I can try another day.

Lesson: Do NOT force your energy on anything or anyone.  This is important to remember always. (I did not expect to write that part but it is important to mention.)

Once I finish clearing the area I state my intention of gratitude and respect to the tree. I wait a few moments for the song to form and then I dance.  Each tree has its own energy and sense of humour. Yes it has a sense of humour especially for staying in one place for many years.  

For many years, I sang and danced around trees.
But this image is the first time I felt compelled to
draw the energy I co-created with a tree.
(September 2015)
During a tree dance, I allow myself to feel the energies completely.  This brings different sensation and images to me as I'm dancing.  Emotions of joy or sadness come up to be released.  I find that most times, I giggle or laugh once I finish dancing.  Some dances are 5 minutes while others can last over 1 hour.  

After I finish a tree dance, I take the time to listen for any additional insights that may come up.  Most messages are directed towards personal development whereas some messages are about bring more peace to the world.  For many years, I would only sing and dance but in September 2015, I felt compelled to draw the energies that I co-created with a tree. I did not realized how important this first drawing was until later.

Why am I sharing this now?   Well, it's a matter of process really.

The original image was created in pen and
in my journal on October 14, 2015.
I created this image on December 9, 2015.

I only shared my tree dances with a few people.  It was a private and personal experience.  However, I felt compelled to continue singing and dancing around trees.  

This was created on April 1, 2016.
Some energies required expression and documenting immediately so I drew them in my private journal.  A tree dance helps the person as well as the tree.  Trees live much longer than most humans and when we listen to the messages we can gain wisdom and insights to the patterns of life.

Drawn directly in my journal (April 16, 2016).

You'll notice that back in 2016, I decided to walk away from my tree dances because it was not what you would say, "normal."  But over the months, I felt a push to return to nature and continue to sing and dance.  I tried making art with nature instead.  Here are two pieces that I created back in August of 2016.

Beginning of August
Then on August 11, 2016, I called my father and we spoke for 4 hours.  I shared my desires to teach people and children about nature, fairies, angels, art, music and dancing.   My father told me to take a chance and trust myself.  "It's time to charge people for your work."  As we were talking, I created this art piece.
August 11, 2016
After getting off the phone with my father, I became fascinated by some rain.  You can see my reaction to it in this video.  Oh how amazing nature can be. You'll notice how my fascination changed to annoyance once I got the message.  Snort.  

So the process is all about following the messages of your heart, spirit and the beauty of nature.  I realized that running away from a tree dance experience is not healthy for me or nature.  My guidance continues to lead me to sharing tree dances with others.  The image below came to me after meditating on the messages of the previous day.  Now is the time to share.  It's about a year later than August 2016 but it's time to dance again.

On August 12, 2016 this message and image came to me.

One more piece I want to share with you. This is Merry Bell and she is offering a rose to everyone.  She reminds us to be open to the love of spirit and our hearts.  "Follow that which makes your heart sing and shine."   

Let's dance together.  Sending you deep love and gratitude.