Friday, March 30, 2012

White Buffalo

We looked upon each other and bowed
I stepped forward as we gazed into each other’s eyes
The beauty of this majestic creature filled my spirit
It laid down and offered its life to me

Me, you give your life for me?

Yes, I give you my fur to cover and cloth you.
Yes, I give you my flesh to feed you.
Yes, I give you my spirit to walk with you.

I can’t take your life as I feel you must live.

Understand that I offer you what you need
I offer you what I have.

I am grateful and honoured for your gift
Your life as a gift
I will cherish and pray for your spirit
I will share your gift with those around me
I will share your story so that we will remember
I will give as you have given to me

I’m not asking you to give your life
I ask that you share what you can give
All creatures are sacred
Pray for all to receive
Show gratitude for what was and is given

Friday, March 23, 2012

Childhood Friend

Friendship from my past
came back into my life.
Memories of you always
warmed my heart.

It's been too long since
I've seen your smile.
Waiting for you to return
with blazing and shining light.

Why did we drift apart?
Does it truly matter?
We've reconnected now
let's continue to grow.

You've told me you're ill
and require some added love.
I'll be there for you,
don't doubt it for a moment.

Our friendship is strong.
We've gone through a lot,
Please don't
hesitate to ask.

Put the idea aside,
I'll be awake at dawn
I'll take you to the hospital
I'll wait by your side.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Walk With Nature

There are many times when I strolled down the street and noticed animals doing what they do.  It’s quite amazing to see how some creatures don’t even notice people unless they are moving. 
On a summer's day, I was walking along Coxwell Avenue.  There was a long stretch of grass and a small area which I never seen before.  Midway down the street under the path was a pipe that emptied onto the ground.  I heard a noise and stopped to see what was busily working there.  I saw a groundhog drinking water.  I quietly crouched down low so that I didn’t frighten it.  It had no care in the world while it enjoyed the water and lifted its head once or twice.  It was completely peaceful until someone walked by me.  The groundhog ran for cover and I walked away.
I continued on my journey to the lake.  At the foot of Coxwell Avenue there was a small water area for boats to dock.  In the middle was a swan.  I kneeled by the rocks and whispered to the swan to come to me.  I’m not sure what I was thinking because it swam closer and then I remember that swans like their personal space and can get angry.  I said, “I don’t have anything for you I just wanted to look at you.”  It probably didn’t even hear me but it stopped and plunged its head in the water.  I was extremely close to the swan and I observed it.  How awesome to be near a bird that wasn’t afraid of me?  The swan finally swam away and I bid it farewell.
How could my walk top that experience? Well, I decided to wander to the sandy beach.  I walked barefoot on the hot sand. Ouch, ouch, okay, I was hopping across the sand.  I stopped at the edge of the water and squished my toes in the wet sand.  The water rolled over the tops of my toes and then my feet.  It was refreshing to feel the cool water.  I started kicking the mud up and out towards the water each time the waves covered my feet with soothing mud.  I tossed my shoes behind me and rolled up my jeans to my knees.
I splashed and jumped in the waves. Then I leaned over and dipped my fuzzy, curly hair in the water.  I flipped it and water dripped down my back.  It was colder on my neck then on my feet.  There were a few clouds in the sky and they seemed to dance infront of the sun but never for too long.  Within moments, I watched seagulls catch small fish in the shallow waters.  Little insects were swarming in varies areas along the edge of the water. 
I raised my arms in the air pretending to soar with the seagulls.  They seemed to fly over my head and I sang to them.  They sang back.  I felt the pebbles under my feet and I pushed them aside as I dug my feet into the sand under the water.  I wanted to feel earth, air and water at the same time.  Children on the beach were throwing pebbles and skipping stones.  Dogs were off leash and running across the edge of the water.  Some dogs came up to smell my hands before passing me.  I continued to play within the elements of the day’s sun.  The gentle wind pushed the waves further on to the beach. 
I had my full and decided it was time to head home.  I came out of the water and wiped my feet with my hands.  I finally put my shoes on.  I rolled my jeans down and walked toward the boardwalk.  Along the boardwalk are a number of large trees and I slowly passed them touching their bark while thanking them for the shade.  
I stopped on the grass and stayed for a few minutes longer. I felt an urge to dance, to freely jump, turn and glide on the ground.  My time was not up I could still enjoy nature.  Every squirrel seemed to stop and look.  The birds seemed to notice as I continued to dance.  I needed to have a drink and I finished my bottle of water.  It WAS time for me to go.  Afterwards, I jumped on the bus. My visit with nature was over until next time.

Embedded in My Heart

I love children’s music and watching children dance, especially little ones that just learned to walk.  They bounce up and down sometimes with large diapers.  They’re so adorable. 

I remember when my boys were babies and they first learned to walk.  That’s over 17 years ago.  I was living with my parents and we had an open concept living and dining room.  We had a large blue reclining chair and an old wood stove that separated the two areas.  Andre, my oldest by 12 minutes, already walked while holding the couch but this day was different.
Andre let go of the couch and balanced on his legs, slowly crouching down and lifting up again.  He moved one foot forward and then the next.  I jumped up and started clapping in excitement.  He was startled and dropped down on his bottom.  He didn’t realize I was that close.  He was wearing a cloth diaper because the cost of a disposal ones were ridiculous for twins.  His bottom was padded and he just looked at me.  I told him I was sorry and asked him to try again.  He pulled himself up and made his way around the blue chair. 
I started to laugh and giggle with him.  He went forward a few steps and then fell on his bum.  My mother was with us and of course she was cheering him on.  Damian was sitting in the living room area watching.  Until that day Damian didn’t even attempted to stand up.  He gathered all his strength and pulled himself up.  Oh my goodness.  He wobbled and then landed on his bum.  He started to cried.  I told him it was okay.  It was his first try.  He didn’t even use the couch!  What do you expect, Sweetie?
Andre was doing laps around the chair and Damian watched us cheering him on.  I couldn’t hold back my excitement.  Damian forced himself to move.  He pulled himself up again and took two steps.  He gently sat back down.  Each time he tried he moved more steps. I couldn’t help but giggle.  They were both so adorable in their oversized cloth diapers walking around the chair.  I jumped on the chair and peeked over at them as they moved and smiled as they came around to the front.  My mother was sitting at the dining room table and then she decided to sit on the floor as they walked around.
I asked them if they could walk around the other way, counter clockwise. They didn’t understand right away but they got the idea.  Round and round they went and we all enjoyed every minute of it.  They both were walking.  My mother finally looked at me and said you are in serious terrible.  Maybe, but at that moment it was fulfilling.  They finally tired themselves out and we settled in the living room.  I stroked their hair and gave them celebratory kisses.  We settled down and built a puzzle together and the experience was over.
Even now, I still remember the experience with a great deal of happiness.  I’m sure they don’t remember but the sensations and feelings are embedded in my heart.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sparrow's Song

I took a walk in my neighbourhood and there were sparrows flocking in the trees around me.  I taped them singing on a voice recording device.  As a tribute to sparrows I created a short video with pictures.  This was my first attempt using the Windows Live Movie Marker program.  Enjoy. 

By Lake Ontario

A few days ago, I walked down to the beach and watch the waves come in. It was extremely calming so I decided to film it. You will hear the wind, the waves and me breathing. Before I headed home I lied down on the cold sand and watched the clouds pass by. A few dogs decided to greet me by licking my face and I giggled with delight. Please enjoy the short video. Love and peace.

Flowering Roses

As time passes the first rose
opens to reveal its true beauty.

All is calm.
All is peaceful.

After the first has proven
it can be done,
others venture forth
and blossom
one by one.

Thank you dear rose

for your bravery and strength
as you face the world with
all your uniqueness and beauty. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pattern of Light

A vision on the street below,
a chain link of shadows
intertwining darkness and light.
The earth slowly turns
and the pattern change.
Still integrate,
yet it is
simply a reflection
of our mirror glass world.
It invites you to gazes,
to follow
the light's sudden movements.
Sound lowers to a gentle hum
as you get lost in live art.
Moving shapes from
squares to concaved figures.
These diamonds of light
reminding you to have faith
that everything is happening
the way it should.

What's Your Colours?

Expressing ourselves through colours,
a form of emotional truths,
rising from a person's heart.

Having substance beyond the sensing vision 
their temperatures radiate at different levels,
you can feel them at any distance.

People never know their source
until they reflect on their inner colours.