Saturday, January 28, 2012

Silent Communication

The sound of the drums drew the two-year-old to our circle.  We were all participating in the rhythms one way or another.  A friend was watching him as she is always on high alert when it comes to children.  She pointed out that he might be lost.  When I glanced over he was with some people and I didn’t feel anything was wrong. I assumed he was with his family.  Yet, she knew he was alone.  She asked me to pay attention too.  I really didn’t get any vibes from the child that he was scared or lost so I didn’t stress about it.
After a few minutes, my friend jumped and grabbed my arm, “he is lost,” she said panicking.  She pointed out that he has now wandered over to another group of people.  This time a woman picked him up.  Once I saw that my friend was clearly right, we marched over to take the child.  I told the woman I would find his mother.
My friend was still very upset as if she lost her own child. She has such a beautiful heart but she was not listening to her inner spirit that was telling her not to be scared. The young boy knew that he was safe.  The sound of a drumming circle is like Mother Earth’s heart beat and that is always a calming experience.
I took the young boy in my arms.  The toddler was wearing a warm coat and had chocolate cake on his face. I asked his name and waited for a response but he remained quiet and calm.  I held him close to my heart and listened for the silent communication of his heart.  He looked me in the eyes and then pointed in a direction away from our drumming circle.  For some reason, I didn’t think to call the police and I sensed that his family was close.
We walked toward the area that he pointed out.  However, I stopped because my friend was getting more and more stressed about the distance we traveled.  During that time the child still hasn’t said a word.  He just stared into my eyes.  I wanted to know his name and I thought that he may have his name in his clothes.  When I put him down to check I felt it was not the right thing to do. 
I lifted him again and continued to walk.  We came across an outdoor concession stand.  I asked if anyone was missing a child.  The woman behind the counter began to overreact, “Call the police.  Stop walking around with the child. How can a mother lose her child?”
The young boy seemed extremely uncomfortable when she spoke.  I held his hand as he was still in arms and told him that he was safe.  I turned down the woman’s logical suggestion and kept walking.  The boy relaxed as we moved away.
We passed a number of people with children and there was no one looking for a lost boy.  We kept walking.  A woman approached me very calmly and said he was with her.  The boy didn’t react when he saw her but he didn’t seem uncomfortable that she took him.  I didn’t want to leave him with her.  I wanted to see his parents. 
The woman called out to a group of people and this hysterical woman holding a screaming 1 year-old baby ran over to us.  That’s his mom for sure.  She put her other child down and hugged her missing son.  I could feel her heart beating and I wasn’t even close to her.  My friend told her that he walked toward the entrance of the park.  He must have been missing for over 30 minutes.  Her son didn’t want to be held.  He jumped out of her arms and went on playing with the other children that were with them. 
His mother thanked us and she was still very angry with herself over what happened.  I looked her in the eyes and said, “He is safe.  He has angels protecting him.  He will not remember this and he loves you very much.  He was only interested in the drumming circle.  Now he is with you.”
I picked up her other crying baby and handed him back to her.  Once I lifted her other son, he stopped crying.  She was unable to let it go.  My friend wanted to tell her about a time she lost her child but I stopped her.  I asked my friend to let her be with her family and told her we should go.
We walked back to the drumming circle and she was still very upset about what happened.  I asked her why she waited for me to take action.  Why didn’t she trust what she was getting through the silent communication around her?  She didn’t want to believe that it was happening.  She thought I would be able to help him.  But, she really did help him.  She noticed that he was in trouble.  She saw that something was wrong.  She only didn’t feel comfortable to do it by herself. 
We ended up staring into each other’s eyes for a few minutes and then she nodded.  We hugged and both knew that we helped reunite a small boy with his family.  We were both stars we just didn’t want to admit it.

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