Friday, March 30, 2012

White Buffalo

We looked upon each other and bowed
I stepped forward as we gazed into each other’s eyes
The beauty of this majestic creature filled my spirit
It laid down and offered its life to me

Me, you give your life for me?

Yes, I give you my fur to cover and cloth you.
Yes, I give you my flesh to feed you.
Yes, I give you my spirit to walk with you.

I can’t take your life as I feel you must live.

Understand that I offer you what you need
I offer you what I have.

I am grateful and honoured for your gift
Your life as a gift
I will cherish and pray for your spirit
I will share your gift with those around me
I will share your story so that we will remember
I will give as you have given to me

I’m not asking you to give your life
I ask that you share what you can give
All creatures are sacred
Pray for all to receive
Show gratitude for what was and is given

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