Monday, September 10, 2012

I Miss Spreadsheets

Isn't that funny? 

Years of working with data, calculating, formulating and graphing on a daily basis.  I didn't realize that tracking figures actually brought me joy.  I love solving problems, creating solutions, tracking and debugging software.  This part of me was pushed aside for awhile. 

I also love working with people, training and empowering them. Along with the interpersonal relationships where we share and express our emotional selves stepping away from the number games and the accuracy of formulated patterns. 

I crave an understanding of the human mind, body and spirit. Our humanness and healing of the heart. To miss spreadsheets and know that along with the logical and functionality of my mind, I’m still contributing to the world of society, finding intimacy beyond the clicking of a mouse or tapping of a keyboard. 

I choose to recognize skills that embody more of my nurturing being and blend them like a sum of pieces to create a flowchart from innovation to creation and back again. A constant reconfiguration of source such as water transforming from gas to liquid to solid. A cleansing of characteristics to define and cement ideas, plans and foundations to last many lifetimes and generations. 

A teardrop for my fellow beings’ distance hearts as I try to express a virtual hug upon the screen, embedding a sense of love as they scroll through the pages. Oh spreadsheets, how do you hold a vision of humanity when you are cells within a large block? A blank canvas ... is this art?

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