Saturday, August 13, 2011

Become Animated!

It was last winter, I had the urge to throw myself into a snow bank and flare my arms and legs.  I looked around to see if anyone was watching.  I’m a 36 years old woman, and I felt like I was stealing something that I wasn’t allowed to have.  It was ridiculous, “why couldn’t I make a snow angel?”  It’s not a crime!  Yet, I waited until people were not looking.  I jumped into the snow, wiggling and giggling then bolted out of there, so no one could see me.  Of course, I first marvelled at my creation!  It was such a rush, making a snow angel.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was.  No one would know.  Only the foot steps to my apartment could give me away but who was tracking my actions, really?

Since that time, I’ve come out of my comfort zone.  I step out of my house to sing and dance in a park, at the beach and even on the streets.  As I dance I sing from a place where I feel free.  I can feel music coming from deep within my spirit, a calling to move and allow energy to flow in and out of my body.  It’s electrifying.  I have moments of complete release where emotions come up and I fly as I wave my arms and spin.  I express myself with delicate movements.  It’s not a secret anymore, as I move to the sound of my heart. 
When I dance, I feel a sense of love from the earth and universe.  I sense a presence of pixies and fairies as they tickling my skin, the sky seems to be clearer and I’m floating.  Letting go and sharing a moment with nature, coming from a place of unbridled love.  
I feel a pull to go out and move.  It’s joy bursting out of my being.  It’s an open exchange of giving and taking from the world.  I’ve hidden my spirit for years, this seeking part of me that wants to experience life without the judgment from others, but mainly from myself.
Do I dance and sing for people to watch? No.  I do this because I am a being of light and love.  I emotionally, physically and mentally want to share my spirit with the world.  The earth will always replenish your spirit.  I realized that each of us can work with the elements of earth, air, fire and water. These beautiful elements, which we are actually made of, can clear our auras and heal us to our core. 
I use dance movements to connect with them.  I’ve always felt a loving pull by nature; I didn’t realize how it truly affected my being.  I couldn’t imagine that everything I need is just waiting for me to see it.  To say with confidence, “I deserve to receive from the abundant universe, all my needs.”  This is extremely empowering. 
That abundance comes in many forms, one is people.  When I share my joy and what inspires me to others, they open up.  They give a part of the spirit that at times, I believe they’ve hidden from themselves.  I get to witness how they come animated.  They stand up straighter, they speak with more confidence, and they actually laugh.  
How can I stop dancing in public when that is my true joy?  How can I worry about what others really think of me? 
I always want to be animated.

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