Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inner Dialogue

Should my bank account be lined with money that was given to me because I kept my mouth shut?

What is abuse of power mean and why do we allow people to have it over us?

Is it just how our society behaves, we do what we are told because we must eat what they pollute us with?

These questions fill my mind at times when my bank account is almost at zero and my credit is maxed.  Did society do this to me or did I follow an old program of ultimate self imposed slavery?

How do you bring out the best in yourself when you stand in the mirror of a collective consciousness where giving all of yourself to an authority to get a little some of money.  Money that lets you think belongs to you.  The funds are never yours, they just transfer from one hand to the next, exchanging energy in ways that our words do not.  It's commonly accepted by people of power.  What is power and how does it generate fear of the average person?  Why do we all allow this fake currency of energy take toll on us? 

I've heard that money is the greatest evil, but what make it that way?  Who said that one person should get all of it and another not?  How are my views on currency and its place in my life?

I understand that I require funds to cover my basic family needs, food, water, clothing and shelter in the environment that we live in.  This is physical/realistic truth in my world as a human being.  Each idea I have to generate funds to support my family has been delayed due to the fact of my own views of self-worth.  Self-worth? I am worthily of many things, love, money and happiness.  I can do what I wish to do and still be happy with my daily living situation.  I know that I want to do something that changes my world and my family's lives.  To give myself, the pleasures that do not have a monetary value or exchange anymore that emotional strengthen.  I have responsibilities of my children's health and well being.  These are the facts of being a mother in the living physical reality.  There are choices based on some limitations, I still have leeway on my life and how I choose to live it.

Many things have occurred in this year.  Lust, trust and self acceptance that I am not the person I thought I was.  I AM.  That's what came up.  I AM.  There are many things that I can not explain.  I trust what is going on in my life.  Surrendering to the powers that are, accepting that I do not know what will happen next.  I need to make decisions based on physical facts on how to support my family but I do not want to give up my spiritual quest hoping to align myself in all aspects, Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Mentally.  This is my goal at this time.  NOW.  To stay focused on what really is important.  What brings out the best in my life and my being?  IAM. 

I'm going through a major transformation, still shedding my skin and looking at what has occurred and forgetting my old self.  Losing an endless self filled of sadness.  I know there is more to the daily trials of life as we know it.  I am life.  We are all life.  We are not what our environment makes us.  We can transform, we can move within the time of our own consciousness and create dreams into reality.  All physical things started with an idea or a thought and people decided I will make it true.  Why do we stop when we all know this?

Why have I stopped believing that I am a creator too?  My talents are mine and I must share and express them by exploring my inner world.  Imagination is an endless space to be filled with anything and everything.

There were people that knew of planes and space travel centuries before it occurred.  How did they know this?  Was it from their imagination, thoughts, or collective consciousness?  We tap into it all the time but we are blocking our knowledge by plugging into chatter of sound that will not allow you to explore your own spirit.  Children with no toys can create amazing games with elephant dung.  How is that?  Our minds are constantly attracted to ways to improve our lives and finding joy in simple things.

We have lost this purity of self. I AM.  Unplugged yourself and look within for answers.  You really are not alone with what is around you.  There are ideas drifting in and out of your consciousness all the time you just ignore it because it is DIFFERENT.

Differences are important in order to create change.  You can implement change by focusing our desires and talents.  Living in the moment as it is.  Unplugging from the, I must do this or do that.  The idea of living in a world where you must conform in order to survive or fit in is unacceptable.  Why can't others around you accept that we are different because we are?

Every person has and shares a different perspective because there are always many answers to one question.  Many different outcomes and even more creative genius with the way the answers appear.  These ideas bring great hope to my spirit that we must communicate in order to grow and expand our knowledge of self and others.  We generate and attract people for various reasons. 

To be or not to be... this question, of life.  How can you not be?  There. Simple isn't it, how can you not be?  Are you not alive?  TO BE - I AM.  Or is that question asked to get you to think that you are not alive? Are you assigned a role because you have no idea of what you really are?  Stop asking and just be.  As long as you breathe you will always be.

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