Friday, January 3, 2014

Connected By the Unknown

“Mr. Sanderson, what are you doing here?” I said aloud.  Brenda didn’t know what I was talking about. 

“Mr. Sanderson?” she repeated with a look of surprise.

“I’m sorry but it’s Mr. Sanderson.  He was my middle school teacher and he wants to speak too.” I directed the statement to Brenda.  “Mr. Sanderson, I’m doing a reading could you please come back later?” I said aloud again.

“You know Mr. Sanderson, the teacher with red hair?” Brenda spoke up.

“Well, he had grey hair when I knew him, but he always told us he was a red head. Wait, you know Mr. Sanderson?” I said with a puzzling look on my face.

I was giving Brenda a spirit reading.  We met during a Reiki Level II attunement.  We connected immediately and felt a kinship right away. When I shared that I did spirit readings she wanted one.  I was connected to her cousin who had a high and regal energy.  He felt like a spiritual leader or teacher.  He was misunderstood by the family and he wanted to explain that she too carried that energy. 

Yet, Mr. Sanderson kept interrupting and calling me, cherry blossom.  I had to say something.  Brenda and I stared at each other.  How can that be possible that we both had the same teacher? She was at least 30 years my senior. It was all surreal.  Imagine my surprise that Brenda and I had much more in common that we knew.  Thanks to Mr. Sanderson for speaking up.  SNORT.  Not only did we share Mr. Sanderson as a teacher, we shared the same Reiki Master.  How cool was that? 

Have you ever encountered someone where you felt completely attuned to?  It’s happening more and more to people.  It’s that deep sense of knowing that fills you.  You look into someone’s eyes and say, “ahhh, I know you.  I know you.”  What do you do with that energy?  Is it always a blessing to recognize someone before having a conversation with them?  It could be a blessing.

I believe that we have deep connections with people everywhere we go.  It’s up to you to follow through with those feelings.  Sometimes people think, ‘that’s my soul mate.  Oh God, you’re my soul mate!  I’m in love.’

Hold up. Wait a second.  Not so fast.

That person is a soul mate.  A mate, a friend, a person who if you let them know you may be a major influence in your life.  It depends on how you respond to the encounter.  What’s the point of this entry?  Start the conversation, any conversation.  There may be someone or something out there beyond the known looking to support you.  Take a chance but take your time.  Little by little it will be revealed to you. 

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