Friday, January 10, 2014

Facebook Factor

I "friend" people on Facebook for a few reasons. 1) I met them in person. 2) a trusted friend suggested the connection and 3) I enjoyed something that they posted or commented on.

After seeing this picture below, I "friended" Christopher.

"Mitakuye Oyasin. Sunarrow."

He lived in Arizona and we never met in person nor had an in depth conversation.  We did however comment on each other's posts.  He inspired me. I became accustom to seeing his posts in my daily "news feed." When he posted that he was stepping away for awhile to meditate in the desert, it didn't faze me. That was his pattern, but this time he was away longer than normal.  When he finally returned he posted a beautiful piece of artwork with a caption that lead me to write the personal message below.

Painting of Jalaluddin Rumi

(Unedited messages)

February 4, 2013           10:18am

Dear Christopher,
I was wondering where you were. I saw the painting and read your post a few times. I slowly, very slowly realized what it truly means.  I never thought that meeting a friend through Facebook would have such a deep connection to my being.  We have never met but seeing only a glimpse of your being, I already care about you.  How can that be?  I thank you for sharing everything that you do with everyone on Facebook, your thoughts, feelings, art and spirit.  I’m not trying to send you a farewell message as that’s not the point of the message. But please know that even though there is distance physically either by location on the Earth or in Spirit, your connections has been made.  Much love and blessings to you and May you keep your heart a glow no matter what happens.  Love and light, Naomi  

February 4, 2013         1:44pm

Hello Naomi, thank you for sharing your thoughts, you see on a quantum level within the quantum heart we are as one. As far as my message on facebook goes many people were wondering where i went so i thought to be truthful and simply tell them, plus this is a teaching moment for us all.

Wow.. his "life is a teaching moment."  I was also shocked that he stated I "see on a quantum level within the quantum heart we are as one."  I didn't understand what he meant.  I didn't know what to say. Yet, I kept watch as he posted daily messages of hope and love.  Again, he was an inspiration.  Unfortunately, on February 14th, 2013, his posts stopped.  Within two days, one of his close friend's tagged in a post stating that Christopher passed.  I swear, the moment it was out, his wall was covered with messages from everyone on his list.  He had friends all over the world. I wasn't the only one that felt the connection.  We all were grieving together and missed him.  I was very fortunate to know him in a virtual space. I was grateful that I wrote to him because I had to say something. We both had a heart connection.  Maybe that's what he meant by the quantum heart we are as one.

As time passed, people continued to tag him in posts.  I, then, made additional connections through him.  If he only knew. I still visit his page to view the beautiful art and his message to the world. Guess what, I peeked now and someone posted something new to honour him.

Now that's the FACEBOOK FACTOR.

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