Sunday, October 18, 2015

Where Are You From?

"Where are you from?" the questioner asks.

“I am from my mother,” I answer.

“No,” the questioner states, “No, where are you from? Where are your parents from?”

“Oh my answer does not suffice?  Let me set you right.

As I stand before you, I do not know all that you ask.  My mother was adopted and based on retold stories, this is what I know.  My mother’s mother was Irish.  Her father may be a Romanian Gypsy Jew.  Or another story includes Polish too.

Now with my father, again, the truth is not so clear.  My father’s mother was from the mountains of China.  Her mother was a Chinese Gypsy.  Her father was dark skinned, known as black.  His origin is not solid as well.  We believe his roots traces back to some part of Africa.  As for my father’s father, he was born in a place known as B.C. The story is: he was French and First Nations as known as Metis.

So based on all of these, I am of my mother can’t you see.  My birth mother is a human being.  
Therefore, I am a human being of Earth. 

I stand before you of this Earth. Like my mother and father, I am the same as you.  I am a being of Mother Earth.

Does the answer fit your needs? If not, let me be.

I will continue to say this. I am of that called Mother Earth.  I am water. I am air. I am fire and I am earth: all the same of the Mother Earth.  I am the same as you.  I am a being of Earth.

Are you confused by my answer?

Let me further clarify and unearth the truth to satisfy you for what it’s worth.

After creating my ancestral tree which came before me are at my feet. I looked to my body. I am these hands of flesh. I am these feet as to where I stand.  I am the reflection that I see in your eyes as you look at me.  I am this voice, sometimes strong and sometimes weak.  I am solid therefore I am of this Earth.

I am from Mother Earth.  I am the same as you.

Based on my skin light olive to white; based on my eyes that shift from green, gold, and brown; based on my hair that curls when soaked, I am still from the Earth.

I am from all the colours of the indigenous wheel: Red, White, Black, and Yellow.  I am of all these, therefore I claim that I originate from the Earth.

At this time I will also say that my origin is of the day: the sun that lights my way.  I am also that of the night when darkness comes to steal my sight.

I am of the Earth rooted with my feet and breath. I am seeded here as you can see.  I remain with the fact that I am of Mother Earth. I am the same as thee.

My spirit is different than yours, could that be? Yet love is within you and me.

So different is not true, we are still the same, can’t you see.  I am from my mother.  I will call her, Mother Earth.

My Father is that of the sky which is within the sparkle of my eyes; all that is seen and unseen; all that is within me.  I am from that of which dreams.”

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