Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vision Journey

There are many times when I go on mini vision journey.  I called them that because I ask myself a question and then visualize a place.  As I'm doing it I write out a quick story.

Here is the one I did this morning:

Where am I?

I'm on a beach. The waves are coming in a bit strong.  I see a dolphin in the distance.  It's asking me to come into the water. I'm wearing shorts and a top.  The dolphin lets me go on its back.  We encounter sharks but the dolphin is able to move fast and quickly out of their way.  The dolphin finds a bell on a rope and we jump out of the water together sounding the bell.

Months ago I drew this dolphin picture.
How interesting that was available for me to use for this posts!

Large whales come to watch the show.  A seal is sitting on nearby stones and rocks.  The dolphin allows me to sit for a bit to speak to the seal. 

“Dear Seal, what is your message for me today?”

The seal starts to bark and slap its fins together. “Thanks for the show. It was wonderful to see you having so much fun.  Why don’t you put on another show?”

“What do you mean? What type of show?”

The seal points to string around him, “Take this.”

Also I drew this seal months ago.
It was available for this post too. Snort!
I added the string and took this picture.

The seal says goodbye and leaves me on the rocks and waves from the water.  I’m left on the rocks by myself with string.  I decided to make a game with the string.  I drew a few string pictures.  
From my journal.

Then I jumped off my bed where I was writing a grabbed REAL string.  Here are the pictures of what I created. 

Playing with string!

Heart with an inner spiral.

Sierpinski Triangle

Just for fun!
Star of David with an inner Spiral.
A smiling guy wearing glasses.

Sailing with Love!


I needed help taking these pictures!

Oh how fun!  I'm planning on going on more vision journeys to see what else comes up for me.

It's really exciting! YaHOOO!!!!

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