Thursday, September 8, 2011


On my travels under the city of Toronto, I noticed a couple.   They were fast asleep holding hands and snuggling.  I watched them as the subway continued on its route.   They were so adorable.  They were both wearing business attire so I assumed they were heading to work.  The energy around them radiated pure love and I felt their deep connection.  Their breath was synchronized as two Olympic swimmers gracefully danced in the water.  Their peaceful presence completely relaxed me. 
Their display of gentleness and comfort gave me hope for a loving relationship.  They were just being their authentic selves.  They were in the present moment and I witnessed it.  I was touched by their openness and how their tranquil actions affected most of us on the train.  I noticed how other people entered the train loudly, and then would see the couple.  They released smiles and they continued their conversations, quietly.
Can a display of love really create a ripe effect across the train?  Did I get to see them because I was in the right state of mind? 
I watched them for most of the ride and they started to shift their bodies and opened their eyes.  The woman was very uncomfortable with my glances.  She gave me a dirty look and all I wanted to say to both of them was “thank you.”  This huge expression of gratitude came over me and I wanted to give them something in return.  I can’t explain how strong this feeling was.  
I’m not sure what my facial expression was but they both were not impressed.  Well, the man did smile. I was worried that the woman thought I was flirting with her man.  I couldn’t speak.  My mouth was sealed shut. 
I had this urge to just jump up and say something.  We exited the train at the same station.  I didn’t want them to think I was a lunatic.  ‘What should I say? Should I say anything?  Why can’t I speak?’
I know they realized I wanted to say something. Their body language became very defensive.  Yet, they were too far ahead so I couldn't express myself clearly.  They disappeared into the crowd.
Throughout the day I was very upset that I didn’t say anything to them.  They gave me a special gift. Even as I write this now, I still feel an immense feeling of gratitude for them.  My eyes are filled with tears and my heart is filled with hope and respect for what life has to offer us.  I’m not sure how the couple might have responded but I felt I lost an amazing opportunity.  My own fear that they would judge me for telling them was crippling.
I was not able to stay in the moment.  My heart was ready to be completely honest but my will fought me.  Was this impulse coming from the heart or my ego?
I completely over think most of my actions and this one I wish I just said to them, “Thank you for your presence.   Thank you for allowing me to witness your peaceful connection.  Thank you for touching my heart on a profound level.  Thank you for the beauty of your beings.”
I may have overly romanticized this couple but the moment was absolutely real to me.  I’ll never know what their reactions would have been, but I know how they made an impression on me. 

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