Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Light of a Candle Changed My Perspective on Life!

I do most of my brainstorming in my bedroom.  Yes, I have an office in my apartment but there’s nothing like lying on my bed and reading a book, writing poetry or singing in front of my mirror.   “O Sole Mio.”  Spending time in my room is very comforting and relaxing for me.
One evening I was stressed out about a few things that I was experiencing, so I tried to do connect to my emotions and ground myself.  I couldn’t relax.  I lit a candle and turned off the bright over head lighting but I couldn’t really read what I was writing.  I didn’t have my laptop yet.  I ended up turning on my lamp by my bed.  I didn’t want to blow out the candle because it gave me a romantic feeling.  Yes... I enjoy candle light by myself.  Why not?  I moved the candle to my dresser by the mirror.
I was writing poetry, stretching and playing with my toes.  (Rubbing your feet is very therapeutic and it feels - GREAT!) I couldn’t settle my mind during my favourite past time.  I felt energy coming and going through my body.  I started to notice how these thoughts about love and light came into my mind.  I wanted to get up and move but at the same time I wanted to close my eyes. 
I didn’t know I was completely distracted.  Something told me to look at my candle.  It was very bizarre.  I turned to look and there was nothing special about it.  I stared at it for a while, still nothing.  The flame was quite beautiful but really what is so special about this candle.  I went back to my toes.
Take a look at the candle!  My mind was pretty much demanding it by now.
I was sitting on my bed looking at the candle. Okay... I see the candle.  Now what?  I had a really nice candlestick holder.  I got it as a gift.  I don’t light candles very often and I really should do this more.  But, what am I missing?  I looked at the candle through my mirror.  That’s interesting how the shape seemed to change.  It was still the candle and holder but it seemed to be farther away.  Interesting...
I was still missing something.  Look at the shadow of the candle!  Past the candlestick against the wall was the shadow of the candle.  The light from my lamp help to cast a shadow.  Duh...  of course it does that.  So, I studied the shadow.  There was a shadow of the candlestick holder, a shadow of the wax and a shadow of the wick.  There was no shadow of the light.  What, the flame had no shadow casted on the wall. 
There was no shadow casted from the light from the candle.  I just stared at its image.  What does that mean?  Why do I have to notice this? 
When you add light to existing light it creates more - light.  Light itself has no shadow.  The shadow does not exist. You are light so share your light.  By sharing your light will attract more light.  Let out the inner light for others to see and shine so that it brings more peace. 
Holy moly!
I jumped from my bed and called my teenagers into my room, “LOOK!!! Guys, look!!” 
“Yah mom, that is a scientific fact.... blah, blah.” 
They didn’t really say 'blah, blah.'  I was too excited to listen because that night the light of a candle changed my perspective on life.

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